Photo: Adam Klingeteg

Oct 8, 2013


Hade jätte trevlig i Tukiet på pappas 50 års resa, tänkte dela med mig lite av bilderna som togs under resan!

Aug 18, 2013

New stuff

Got some new stuff for the camera!
wich will result in awsome shnitzlz!

Here is some samples

Aug 13, 2013


Me and Pontus got the keys to "Lokalen" to shredd and have fun filming stuff.
Then this wonderful young lady came n shredded with us!
Even tough it was right after an injury, well she went hard and sended some good stuff!

So much fun!
Video of it out in some time to!


Yo yo yo! sippin on tha coffe right before work! Well.. dark roast is the shit.
video is in the production, new gear incoming and alot of fun things!
It is getting darker outside at nights wich means on thing, colder! woop woop!
well BYE!

Aug 6, 2013

MRboard helg

Was filming this weekend in östersund, video will be out in some days!

Jun 12, 2013


A week ago, me and the family was on a nice short holiday in Finland..
soooo damn nice to relax! video will come

May 19, 2013

Sommar på våren

Today and yesterday was insane! 20-30 degrees! damn!
well here is some photos for ya!
Video out soon!

sexy boy!

Throwing rocks

Anton taling a dip in the icecoold sea

Gotta love Olles smile!


Riding some dirt!

Taking the lifeboat for a ride